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We Connect People, Technology and Policy

We are in the business of solving big transportation infrastructure challenges. We are obsessed with trains, planes, and emerging technologies such as UAS, Urban Air Mobility, and Autonomous Driving Systems.

Our mission is to improve transportation safety, security, reliability, and reduce travel times for all citizens. We provide strategic advice and solutions to government and industry to manage safety risks, re-engineer business processes and re-imagine innovative solutions with human factors needs to air, space and surface transportation systems.

Why Choose AERTRON?

Because we only focus on what we excel at - Transportation. Our expertise is in multi modal transportation systems.


Experts at reducing systemic risks through hazard analysis, human factors and training in air, space, and surface transportation systems.


Increase capacity of our transportation system through analysis and automation to reduce bottlenecks and congestions.


Data driven strategies to streamline redundant processes and optimize your operations to reduce cost.


We use data and technologies to assess risks and protect our critical transportation infrastructure.


Using data analytics, AI and visualization along with data mining techniques to improve predictability to optimize your operations.

Customer Focused

We impress our customers by observing and analyzing trends and finding ways to improve technology, policy and regulatory framework.

How we took flight

Meet Vishal Amin,
Founder & CEO of AERTRON.

I am a true American story as my family and I immigrated to the land of opportunity during my high school years with nothing more than hopes and dreams of becoming a pilot and one day owning my own business. Through hard work, perseverance and dedication, I was given many opportunities. After serving as an airman in the active duty United States Air Force, I was appointed to the United States Air Force Academy.

I became a pilot and received a bachelor’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I worked as an Air Traffic Controller at two En Route facilities and spent well over a decade in various positions at the Federal Aviation Administration. In February 2014, I was given an amazing opportunity under the White House appointment to become a special assistant/counsel to the Chairman at the National Transportation Safety Board, where I led the agency and improved safety of air and surface transportation modes.

In July 2017, I was appointed to serve on the Maryland Aviation Commission overseeing Baltimore Washington International Airport and Martin State Airport by the Governor of Maryland for a 3-year term.

With a passion to improve people’s lives and make a difference by enabling life saving technology, I launched AERTRON Inc. Our mission is to improve transportation safety, security, and reliability and improve every citizen’s life by giving precious time back to the people through the support of smart transportation mobility network.


We bring out your strengths through professional growth, continuous learning and development.

Professional growth

Your growth and success is

critical to our success.

Competitive salary

We pay above the industry



Work-life balance is an important part

of the company’s core culture.

Startup entrepreneurial spirit

Use your imagination to shape the future of transportation.

Trust and Experience Solving
Your Most Complex Challenges.

Be a Part of a Winning Team

Become a part of our dream team where we collaborate, motivate and empower each other while having fun to make a difference in the world

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